Who said the drop ceiling in your basement family room had to be made of the same identical tiles you see everywhere else? Our DIY tongue and groove drop ceiling with faux beams twill add a touch of class to your room. You won’t want to leave your basement!

What you need for a tongue and groove drop ceiling with faux beams?

Interbois’s V-Groove Wainscot and REVŌBEAM faux beams are perfect for this project. Use them to create an exposed structural ceiling that combines elegant looks with easy access to wires and pipes.



How to install a tongue and groove drop ceiling with faux beams

Aside from the boards and beams, you’ll need some tools, a good level, a bit of planning, our step-by-step installation guide included at the end of this article, and … that’s it!

Our V-groove boards are available in white primed MDF or in knotty pine that’s ready to stain or varnish. REVŌBEAM faux beams come in knotty pine and white primed finger jointed pine and are available in three sizes: 4 × 6″, 5 ½”, and 7 ½”.

Choose between two installation options: continuous beams for parallel construction or added perpendicular beams for a coffered look.


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