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English Country: The New Farmhouse

Over the years, interior design trends have evolved and changed to cater to the tastes and preferences of consumers. The farmhouse trend has been very popular in recent years. However, it is now making way for the new trend of the moment: English Country. 

The English Country trend is an interior decoration aesthetic that draws inspiration from the rustic charm and romance of English countryside homes. It revolves around soft and natural colours, comfortable textures, floral patterns, and natural wood pieces, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Carved wooden furniture is a key element of the English Country style. Chairs and sofas are often upholstered in floral fabrics or damask patterns. Persian rugs are also commonly used to add a touch of colour and texture to a room. 

The colours used are often natural and soothing tones, such as beige, cream, taupe, blue, gray, and green. Walls are often painted in soft shades, while decorative elements like cushions and curtains sport delicate patterns. 

Porcelain accessories such as vases, bowls, and serving dishes are also very popular in the English Country style. They can be used to add a pop of colour or to hold fresh or dried flowers. 

Lastly, the English Country style is an elegant and sophisticated choice for interior decoration. It combines rustic elements with more refined pieces to create a timeless and classic look. 

How to integrate the English Country style to your decor

01. Change the textiles

Fabrics are an easy way to change the style of a room. Replace cushions and curtains with floral patterns, fine stripes, or typical English check patterns. Soft colours and simple patterns characterize the English Country style and instantly add character to a room. 

02. Add wrought iron elements

Wrought iron, on chandeliers and mirrors, is commonly used in the English Country style. Replace raw wood fixtures with elegant wrought iron fixtures to add a touch of sophistication.

03. Incorporate porcelain accessories

Fine porcelain accessories, such as vases, plates, and teacups, are key elements of the English style. Incorporate a few pieces into your decor for an elegant look. 

04. Use pastel tones

Pastel colors, such as blush pink, sky blue, and sage green, are commonly used in the English Country style. Use these colors on walls, furniture, and accessories to create a soft and soothing atmosphere.

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