Cindy, a sales representative with us since 2018, has had a decade-long love affair with artisanal beer…

She’s proven to us on numerous occasions that craft beers have enough substance to fuel many discussions.

Since this is a thriving market with a huge variety, we asked Cindy for her picks of the best artisanal beers in Québec. She immediately launched into a passionate description of her favourites, based on her many tastings. Over the years, she’s discovered several craft breweries in Québec, each with their own unique and original style.

These are her top five Québec beers:


Beer name: IIPA
Microbrewery: Frampton Brasse
Region: Chaudière-Appalaches
Category: White □ Blonde □ Amber □ Red □ Brown □ Black □ IPA □ Fruit □

This microbrewery beer is a double Imperial Pale Ale (IPA). It’s therefore more hopped, with tropical fruit aromas.
My favourite since I took my first sip!
And how can you not fall in love with the location? My perception is probably clouded by my feeling of belonging to this region, but no other microbrewery offers a view like this! There’s nothing like gently swaying in a rocking chair, a bottle of beer in hand, admiring the magnificent scenery. It’s the perfect place to let go and live in the moment.




Microbrewery: Pit Caribou
Region: Gaspésie
Category: White □ Blonde □ Amber □ Red □ Brown □ Black □ IPA □ Fruit □

This beer is refreshing and tasty, with its notes of coriander and citrus! I discovered it on my tour of Gaspésie in 2015. The microbrewery is an amazing place with an ocean view in L’Anse-à-Beaufils.





Microbrewery: Brasseurs sur Demande
Region: Limoilou, Québec City
Category: White □ Blonde □ Amber □ Red □ Brown □ Black □ IPA □ Fruit □

This is a very tasty beer with aromas of fruits such as mango, peach and melon! Nice bitterness without being too overwhelming. Delicious and light with 3.5% alcohol. Brasseurs sur Demande is a lovely, unpretentious spot with really friendly staff.


Beer name: IPA DU NORD-EST
Microbrewery: Les Brasseurs du Nord
Region: Blainville, Basses-Laurentides
Category: White □ Blonde □ Amber □ Red □ Brown □ Black □ IPA □ Fruit □

Yes, another IPA! But for those who like beers filled with flavour, it’s the perfect match! A bit higher in alcohol content this time, with its 6%. Fruit aromas here too, with a soft, silky texture and a slightly bitter finish.


Beer name: La Flacatoune
Microbrewery: MicroBrasserie Charlevoix
Region: Baie-Saint-Paul, Charlevoix
Category: White □ Blonde □ Amber □ Red □ Brown □ Black □ IPA □ Fruit □

This golden blonde beer is brewed with Belgian yeast, which gives it a fruity odour. Generous hopping makes it an excellent aperitif. I discovered it during my first visit to Le Saint-Pub, a restaurant and microbrewery where the food is top-rate and the region’s products are promoted with flair! What more could you ask for while enjoying the change of scenery?

Special mention:

If you happen to be in the Beauce region, after first trying the products of Frampton Brasse in Frampton, take a short detour to Saint-Georges and visit La Société Microbrasserie. Their products are not available anywhere else, but you can still leave with a bottle of their freshly poured beer, drinkable within the next 48 hours. I recommend G-Town or Jarret Noir.


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