Over the past 20 years, we have built a reputation based on superior quality products. We have tight control over inputs from sawmills and our kilns and we visually inspect every piece delivered. When you add Interbois to your list of suppliers, you can be sure of getting stable procurements, excellent service and quality products.


Made in Canada

Most of our products are entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec, Canada. For over 20 years, our passion for woodworking, expertise and consistent quality control have allowed us to become a leader in the design and manufacture of decorative and industrial components.



Interbois employees are passionate about designing and manufacturing moldings and components. Seeing a job well done and a satisfied customer is what motivates and drives every member of the team.


The service

At Interbois, we hold the understanding and respect of our customers’ needs to heart. Our personalized service ensures that our clients get what they want, packaged the way they want and dutifully delivered in a timely manner.


Environmental concerns

When designing and manufacturing products, Interbois favors recycling whenever possible. Creating environmentally-friendly products with high value-added is our specialty.

To lear more about our eco-responsible attributes, clic here.



Our team has Interbois tattooed across their hearts and is committed to giving you unparalleled customer service combined with innovative, superior quality products.



Our equipment, above all our manufacturing ingenuity, enables us to continually improve our processes in order to deliver quickly without sacrificing product quality.



For the industrial market, our computer system contains over 2,500 products we can produce “to order” and “on time” according to client specifications. For the retail market, our warehouse distribution center contains over 300 finished products to choose from… that’s more than enough to please even the most demanding designers!


R & D

Revō MC products set us apart! Our R&D team works tirelessly to develop new interior wood products to meet specific client needs. Expertise and flexibility make us the partner of choice when it comes to developing innovative products that are easy to install.



The legendary Beauce entrepreneurial spirit has been instilled in the next generation that is taking over the family business. It is driven by a dream and a vision. Its goals are ambitious, but Interbois’ reputation is made – our customers have spoken. You will achieve your goals using Interbois components! You’ll get all the success you’ve come to expect with decorative and industrial components from Interbois!