The wood component Go-To Specialist for over 20 years

Founded in 1996, Interbois is a family-owned company located in Saint-Odilon, in the heart of Quebec’s Beauce region. Originally the company specialized only in the secondary processing of engineered wood (composite wood), more specifically, jointed White Pine from Eastern North America.

Over 20 years later, with the addition of dry kilns, tertiary-processing machinery for different wood species and composite materials and a distribution center, Interbois can control productivity and product quality from start to finish and has the expertise and market knowledge to ensure continued steady growth in the value-added wood components industry.

The goal: Have everyone working together to build the present, construct the future.

The company’s founder, Mr. Benoit Drouin, also owns Camnor Steel Group, an alliance of Canadian companies with steel structure expertise that is active on the international scene; the Group includes Quirion Métal, Trimax Steel, EZ Steel, Structures XL, and Structures de Beauce. The Group’s diversification and extensive expertise in the construction sector allows its members to join forces to create synergies profitable for both them and their customers