Curves ahead!

After years of clean and straight lines in interior design, a whole new direction is emerging. From vases to cushions, lighting fixtures, mirrors and furniture, our favourite objects are taking on roundness. Both in terms of shapes and patterns, they bring our interiors to life with a clever play of volume, without any compromise on style and comfort. A trend that is sure to delight enthusiasts of warm and minimalist atmospheres! 

Curved walls

Curves are not only found in furniture; they also appear on walls, where angles soften. This is especially evident in the development of the half-round wall coverings, DĀME-S and DĀME UNIK. Ladyfinger biscuits, groomed snow, and corduroy velvet were the inspiration behind this creation. Here are four ways to use these wall coverings in your decor. 

DĀME accents 

Between two interior walls, in an arch or a half-height baseboard wall, it is entirely possible to insert the DĀME covering in an enclosed space. 

DĀME in casings 

Discover the elegance of curves in wall casings! Transform your space by adding casings made from square mouldings with a thickness of ¾” or the #0851 window sill moulding. Bring your walls to life and create a warm and sophisticated ambiance. 


Replace the protruding corners of a room with the ingenuity of DĀME UNIK, a baguette derived from the DĀME wall covering, which enables smooth transitions instead of sharp right angles. Forget about rigid 90-degree corners, and welcome the smoothness of curved walls! 


Using rounded wall coverings to dress up furniture creates a fascinating contrast between the rigidity of traditional rectangular outlines and the softness of circular shapes. This combination creates a modern and bold aesthetic that immediately catches the eye. This innovative trend in interior design allows for exploring new design possibilities while maintaining the essential functionality of furniture. 




Maple. Light wood: a universal material.  

Discover our DĀME maple wall covering to bring Scandinavian softness into your home. Warm, bright, and versatile, pale wood suits all styles of decor. 


    DĀME UNIK                                DĀME-S


Red Oak. Enveloping wood, somewhat retro. 

Red oak is a popular wood species that adds character to a room. It is both trendy and timeless, and above all, the best ally for creating a cozy and warm interior. 


    DĀME UNIK                            DĀME-S


White Oak. Warm wood tone with timeless elegance.  

White oak is a highly appreciated wood species that brings an elegant touch with its soft tones and natural texture. Its beauty is both contemporary and timeless, making it the ideal choice for creating a welcoming and refined atmosphere inside your space.


White primed MDF. For a calming tone-on-tone effect.    

MDF offers exceptional versatility by allowing for tone-on-tone harmonies. By playing with a diverse colour palette, it becomes the ideal tool for shaping diverse atmospheres, from soothing serenity to bold vivacity. 


      DĀME UNIK                               DĀME-S