A Barn Pottery-style tablet, at a fraction of the price

Pottery Barn is an American furniture chain, operating mainly in USA.  It offers classic furniture and quality bath and bed sheets. The timeless style of their collections is undeniable. We love it!

As an example, the Holman, Ledges and Shelves shelves from Pottery Barn are inspiring and available in 2 formats, 5 colors and 4 lengths.

Much diversity, but expect to pay the following prices to obtain them in 4 foot lengths: 129$ and 149$ USD. Outch!


Why not just get inspired of it? And save… A lot!


Photos frame, painting or small decorative ornaments will nicely improve your shelves. In the end, you will obtain a decorative, practical and distinctive accessory… And affordable!

Photos source: Pottery Barn and Thrifty Decor Chick