We love keeping up with the latest design trends, but it’s also important to invest in classic pieces that will never go out of style. Here are five ways to incorporate trendy yet timeless elements into your home decor!

1. Faux beams

Exposed beams were originally an integral part of a building’s construction. Beyond ensuring the solidity of the structure, they had an undeniable architectural value. No wonder that we still like to integrate them into our interiors, even if they’re now more for show than support. Whether it’s a rustic kitchen, a lake house living room, an industrial chic dining room or a bedroom with a seaside flair, beams add immediate character to any room! Interested? Check out our RevōBeam collection of faux beams! Easily mistaken for real solid wood beams, these false beams are much lighter, and easy to install. Peruse our Pinterest board for more inspiration!


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2. Coffered ceiling

Coffering is another way to add flair to your ceilings. In the Middle Ages, coffered ceilings were an architectural detail resulting from the way floors were built, giving the room below a stunning ceiling. Once a symbol of wealth and nobility, coffering was found in luxury homes and mansions, and is still often used to add an elegant finishing touch to many classic interior design schemes. Want to get this look for your ceiling without all the hard work? You can with our RevōBeam white primed finger jointed pine beams!

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3. Shiplap

Ah, shiplap! It’s hard to resist this wall covering that instantly gives any room a seaside or country cottage feel! These interlocking wood panels are the perfect way to add dimension to your interior walls. Thanks to the work of American designer Joanna Gaines on her show Fixer Upper, shiplap is back on the map, and it offers countless possibilities. On the walls or the ceiling, vertical or horizontal, classic white or coloured, it’s beautiful any way you choose to install it! Check out our RevōWall shiplap products right here.

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4. Sliding doors

Doors are an essential element of any dwelling. From classic to bold, they set the tone for your decor. The hardware on sliding doors calls to mind the rails on a barn door. Adapted for home interiors, sliding doors are a practical and interesting way to maximize space. Choosing an understated look for the hardware will let the door itself shine, which works perfectly with any style. Create a space that reflects your personality, and discover our RevōDoor line of doors, hardware and accessories right here.

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5. Classic mouldings

Mouldings are an integral part of home decor—they hide joins and seams while adding personality to a room. They should be chosen carefully to suit your home for years to come. Doorframes, baseboards, o’gees, coves, chair rails, decorative mouldings—there are so many options to choose from! When selecting mouldings, make sure you choose a frame that is the same size as the baseboards, if not thicker. The curves and contours of mouldings should also match to tie the room together. The classic mouldings from the RevōTrim Nice collection will add lasting elegance to any room! To view the whole collection and give your home a warm and cozy atmosphere, click here.

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