Christmas is our favourite time of year! The creative team is therefore pleased to introduce a new tradition with this, its second playlist on Spotify. In the line-up are classics such A Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives and new gems like Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande. Our choices are much like us, a combination of the traditional and the modern!

Why did the team create a holiday playlist?

At Interbois, we put our stamp on all our projects. Curiosity, teamwork, lively discussions between co-workers about everything and nothing, memory sharing, passion and the love of creating… these guided our selection of songs.

Let the list play in the background while you cook, trim the tree or decorate the mantle. It’ll harmoniously accompany you while you make new memories during this festive season.

Which songs are featured on the playlist?

Posted at the beginning of December, the playlist features 50 fabulous winter holiday songs. Click on “Play” to hear tunes like The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole, Noël Blanc by Johnny Farago and Sleigh Ride by Ella Fitzgerald.
You’ll recognize many of these great classics that perfectly reflect the friendly family atmosphere at Interbois, where pleasure and spontaneity are part of our daily lives. Joy and relaxation are guaranteed!

How do our team members celebrate?

Interbois is a family company, so Marie-Ève invites everyone’s family to her chalet each year to enjoy special moments among young and old. Slides, snowmobile rides, snowshoeing in the forest… we play together outside, then warm ourselves inside around the fireplace, a hot chocolate in hand.


While our celebrations may differ greatly from yours, diversity is also part of the holiday experience.