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Reversible faux beam

Profile: 8020
Code item: MW1448020
Width 6"
Thickness 5-1/2"
Length 12' (144")
Specie Finger jointed pine
Finish White primed
Other length(s) available

Pine faux beams offer a clever solution to replicate the charm of authentic beams at a reduced cost. They are also practical, as they can conceal electrical wires, columns, or other undesirable elements, creating a clean and neat aesthetic.


It is strongly recommended to sand wooden faux beam before applying primer. Applying a finishing coat becomes easier and further enhances the natural resistance of white pine. It is suggested to paint the mouldings with a higher gloss level than that of the walls. This will highlight their curves while making maintenance easier. Temperature and humidity changes in the house (sunlight, radiators, fireplaces, or other heat sources) can cause resin seepage, even through the stain. Clean the resin with turpentine if this happens. Apply a sealer to all four sides of the mouldings to prevent resin from dripping (consult your paint company for the appropriate sealer). Allow the wood to acclimate to the air and ambient heat for 48 to 72 hours before installation. Avoid long-term storage in the basement or an unheated garage.

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