Promises are made to be kept! Many of you requested a description of the nursery room during your visit of the Salon Expo Habitat de Québec, in February 2020. Here is a description of the products used to recreate the decor.

Our inspiration

A baby room that brings a feeling of comfort.

This is one of the many advantages of the Farmhouse style, with its natural and cozy charm. The rounded shapes add a feminine touch to the whole, while modernizing the decor. Natural materials, harmonized with soft hues evoke refinement and softness.

“The modern farmhouse is the style I prefer when I conceptualize a project! By playing with materials, textures and colors, it is easy to obtain the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. Thanks to the design elements that are meticulously integrated into it, the nursery at Interbois’ immersive kiosk demonstrates the many possibilities that Interbois products offer in creating a decor inspired by modern farmhouse and, above all, the accessibility of this style.”

– Sarah Ruel, architectural technologist and designer at Sarah Design Architecture

Our Products

1. #8525 | REVÔWALL Wall flowers signed LOVE -white primed MDF

It is the pattern at the ceiling that captured the attention of the visitors. They were right to stop by to stare at it, since the wall flowers from the Revôwall collection make this ceiling a true work of art. Timeless, the easy assembly of the petals allows you to reproduce the effect of an artisan plaster’s work.

Color of the product in this room: Benjamin Moore CC-154 |  Smoked salmon

2. #0761  | Shiplap wainscot- white primed MDF

The shiplap coating is the perfect wall covering to respect a modern farmhouse style. It gives texture and a warm accent to the room in addition to being an inexpensive, easy to install solution.

Color of the product in this room: Benjamin Moore OC-149 | White decorator

3. #8550 | ARCÔ REVÔDOOR – white primed MDF

We unfortunately often forget the importance of a door in a room. However, it can define the style of the house and the Arcō door is a model that combines very well with all LOVE products, including # 8525 Flowers on the Wall.

In this room, the Arcō door was installed on our sliding door hardware # 8532.

Color of the product in this room: Benjamin Moore CC-156  | Twilight by Tofino

4. Decorative Wall Shelf

Both practical and pretty, these small shelves are essential in a child’s room. Most of all, they are very easy to make.

This is one of our many DIY projects, the tutorial can be downloaded here:

Color of the product in this room: OC-149 | White decorator and custom developed Interbois dye: khaki

Composition of window moldings

Whether they are impressive or simple, each type of molding gives a room an essential finished look. In order to create a molding composition that matches the modern Farmhouse style, we used the following moldings:

1. #1565 | Square
2. #1324 | Rectangle
3. #2335 | Casing
4. #1321 | Rectangle
5. #2335 | Cadrage

Our decor

Accessories are as essential as our materials and colors to complete the coveted look. Here is the complete list:

Rug, low pile carpet: product SNAPTUM, at Ikea

Crib: product SUNDVIK, at Ikea

Sheepskin: product RENS, at Ikea

Footstool: product Tribble, at Structube

Cushion: product Gobi, at Bouclair

Cushion: product AINA, at Ikea

Pendant lamp: product SINNERLIG, at Ikea

Baby blanket: product GULSPARV, at Ikea

Sheer curtains, product MATILDA, at Ikea

Frame: collection KNOPPÄNG, at Ikea

Bunny print, at Etsy

Back and front

If just like us you fell in love with this room and we have convinced you on how easy it is to be reproduced, then recreate this decor by finding your closest distributor now (or one of our web distributors) →