0391 - Baseboard - White primed MDF




1/2" x 5"


8′, 16′


Pallet : 336

Package : 6

Available materials

White primed MDF

Baseboards are planks, often of wood, of low height, placed at the foot of the walls, along the ground, inside a building. They are used to hid fittings and spaces left by wood flooring workers at the foot of walls (so that wood can expand), preventing carpet and linoleum from peeling off at the foot Walls or hiding electrical wires. As well as being decorative and utilitarian they protect the bottom of walls from broom or vacuum cleaners and prevent the furniture from sticking to the wall. They let moisture escape the walls and prevent dust from stagnating between furniture and walls.

A certain logic is required when choosing a baseboard and casing in the same decor. Thickness: the frame should be thicker or equal to the baseboard. Profiles: The curves and grooves of the profiles must have a similar pattern.

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