This past spring taught us all to look ahead and adapt to rapid changes in our lives: the transition to working from home, modified schedules and business closures, product shortages, and more. In recent months, consumer habits have shifted along with all these changes, and businesses have been forced to rethink their services to meet the needs of their customers, who show an increasing interest in buying local and online shopping.

Interbois is no exception! Because of our commitment to offering a wide range of products, trendy designs and affordable prices, we wanted to find the ideal solution for all our customers. That’s why we now offer the option of ordering certain products online. If you don’t live nearby our distributors or have access to a car to transport your purchases, our delivery service will save you a lot of hassle. You can’t deny this new offer is appealing!

In our online store, you’ll find products from the Revō collection, whose name reflects its revolutionary and trendy design. Our aim is to offer avant-garde products that are easy to install. In the “Documentation” section, you’ll find a variety of technical, installation and decor inspiration videos. You can also check out our online store to discover other products used in our DIY projects. Tutorials for these projects can be found in the “Documentation” section.

Our featured products

Square box paneling 4504

This wall covering is more than clever in modifying the general appearance of the walls in your home. This product gives you a variety of assembly options to create the look of your choice at an affordable price! We therefore offer you 4504 square MDF boxes on white primer, easy and quick to install.


False Beam 8020

False beams are a great addition to rustic spaces. Not only are they handy for hiding pipes and electrical wires, they also add character to any room. To decorate your next space without breaking the bank, we suggest our False Beam 8020 – Knotty Pine.

Wall Flower 8525

Wall flowers are often used to decorate nursery ceilings, but did you know they can also add flair to kitchen ceilings or living room walls? Imagining this look in your home already? Click here to purchase our Wall Flower 8525 – White Primed MDF.

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