Every year, the design world brings new innovations and inspiring creations to the table. Here are five trends that our team selected to feature in our booths at the Quebec Home Expo and the Montreal National Home Show.

1. Shades inspired by nature

The ubiquitous presence of mineral hues (soft grey, charcoal grey, etc.), as well as organic tones like green (olive green, forest green) and orange-shaded brown (like terracotta) reflect the influence of nature on our designs. Dark, saturated colours like matte black are as popular as ever this year: they class up our interiors by adding an elegant touch, or strike contrasts just bursting with personality. Pairing them with wood or metal is a great way to radiate warmth. Balance it all out with soft, bright tones like white and beige, which promote a feeling of lightness and serenity. And it’s not just walls that can take on some colour—grab that brush and brighten up your ceilings, furniture, doors, structural elements, cabinets, you name it!


2. Modern farmhouse style

Adroitly blending tradition and modernity, modern farmhouse style is a great way to express yourself with materials and colours. Straight lines and architectural details are key elements of this in-vogue look—take it a step further by salvaging vintage furniture and mixing and matching styles. Wood also plays an important role, evoking country charm in a fresh new way. Wooden wainscotting and beams are the ideal way to incorporate this natural material into a modern farmhouse style. Trying to mimic the feel of heavy timber? False beams (like our reversible pine model) are a pitch perfect stand-in for the real thing and are a breeze to install. The same goes for shiplap wainscotting. It achieves that coveted look without breaking the bank, and comes in several easy-to-install models.

3. Texture

Combining different textures is a great way to make a big splash. Think Art Deco: modern shapes, luxurious materials, stylish and glamorous accents, geometric patterns and an eclectic mix of furniture. We especially love raised elements (laths, mouldings, etc.), whether you choose to use them as a colour contrast or not. They enhance every kind of decor and let you play with perspective. Some of our favourites are the MDF flower pattern and pine squares, which can be used to make geometric lines or unique pairings to customize your interior design. Try mixing patterns for even more stunning results!

4. Finishing

No matter the style you’re aiming for, meticulous finishing will always give that little extra polish to a room. Adding mouldings, for examples, will really raise the bar on your interior design. And they aren’t just for framing doors, windows, walls and ceilings. You can also use them to create coffering (or patterns) directly on walls, different surfaces (doors, cabinets, etc.) and even the ceiling! While wood stained in its natural colour has a kind of beauty that never goes out of style, colourful framing and moulding sets are also showing up in this year’s style trends. What’s more, with architectural details made of mock wood (which is becoming increasingly more natural-looking), you can now get immaculate finishing at reasonable prices.


5. DIY

Do-it-yourself projects are a great way to put your own personal spin on the latest trends, and they’re budget-friendly too. With this in mind, we’ve got a whole host of versatile and prefabricated products that you can easily use to design your projects.


“We wanted to showcase the versatility of Interbois products, so we’ve suggested multiple ways to use them. We went for a warm design that features a nature-inspired monochromatic palette, so visitors would feel right at home and leave with the desire to recreate these looks in their own spaces. Earthy colours are making a strong comeback in 2020.”

– Catherine Faucher, Interior Designer at Loca Design

“Modern farmhouse is my favourite style for designing a project! By playing with materials, textures and colours, you can easily strike the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. My favourites of the five rooms in the booth are the dining room and the living room. These rooms feature meticulously incorporated design elements, making them a great illustration of all the different ways Interbois products can be used to create a modern farmhouse-inspired decor, and showing just how accessible this style really is.”

– Sarah Ruel, Architectural Technologist and Designer at Sarah Design Architecture

“The process of designing the booth gave rise to several amazing projects, including the DIY tutorials. The goal was to reimagine our products and help people take pride in creating accessories that are both trendy and affordable. We want people to be inspired and brimming with ideas, and for them to find the information they need to create projects like a mantelpiece for under $100. That’s what makes Interbois so special: the countless products we offer that are ideal for interior design, and all the different ways they can be used. Plus, you can find them anywhere!”

– Ariane Gagné Duval, Marketing Coordinator at Interbois

“Our products make it a breeze to add value to your home. If there’s a recurring theme behind our product creation process, it’s that we want people to be able to get the look they’re dreaming of, even if their budget is limited. We’re hoping our presence at 2020 home shows can help boost the market for mouldings and interior finishing products, and that we can provide inspiration for and influence the design of homes, both right now and in the future.” 

– Marie-Ève Drouin, Vice-President of Sales and Development at Interbois

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