More than a style, hygge is a philosophy. This Danish concept is all about slowing down and connecting with the comfort of your own home. Tap into hygge by giving your home a cozy atmosphere that will inspire moments of simple pleasure and make you feel warm and fuzzy as soon as you set foot inside. 

Danish people are considered the happiest in the world, and they have a gift for creating warm, cozy environments and moments of quiet joy. The Danish also have a reputation for keeping a great worklife balance. That’s a valuable skill, and it’s more necessary than ever in a time when the pandemic has forced many of us to do our work from home. We’ve got some tips for how to bring more mental balance and hygge into your everyday life. 

Warmth and comfort 

Hygge is all about the togetherness and coziness of a winter cabin, so go for things that feel warm and snug. Obviously, wood is a great option for that! You can work it into your decor in all kinds of ways to bring in that warm, natural feeling. Use wood in your walls, flooring or ceiling or add accessories like moulding, furniture, cabinets, shelves, batten walls, sliding doors, decorative elements—the possibilities are endless! Shiplap wainscot panels, such as model #0761 in select pine, are especially good at breathing warmth and coziness into a room. You can install them on a ceiling or a wall (spring for a full wall or just add some accent panelling), and their readytopaint finish makes it easy to go for any colour that suits your fancy. Other things that turn a room into a cozy nest include a fireplace or wood stove, soft lighting, candles and a hot beverage. Add a good book or some soothing music, and you’ve got everything you need to shut the world out so you can relax and recharge! 


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Comfy materials 

Anything soft and comfortable can be hygge if it makes a room feel cozy: duvet covers, fluffy rugs, pillows and throws, curtains, and so on. Thick, soft materials add visual texture to your decor and an instant dose of comfort to a space. Plus, you can touch them, wrap them around yourself, nestle into a cocoon of softness—now that’s happiness! 

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Ode to nature 

Connecting with nature brings a host of benefits: relaxation, lower stress, higher creativity, an escape from the whirlwind of daily life. See why you’ll want to bring nature’s beauty into your home? Plants are a great way to do this—the more you have, the more welcoming a space will feel. Materials like wood, wicker, linen, wool and jute are another great way to feel deeply connected to the natural world. You could use them on your walls or in furniture, planters, rugs, light fixtures, poufs, and so much more! 

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Aglow with light 

As we bask in the first sunny days of spring, we’re reminded how much light affects and even shapes our mood. Lighting plays a similarly key role in indoor spaces—especially in northern climes, with our short winter days. But how do you arrange it to best effect? Here’s the secret: combine multiple light sources (builtin and accent lighting, table lamps, string lights, lanterns, candles, etc.) and play around with their brightness. That way, you can design a space where the light feels warm and natural—so not only is it more comfortable, but you can create different moods to get the feeling you want. 

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 A richer colour palette 

Scandinavian style is known for its cool, clean aesthetic. That said, hygge is subtly different, and has room for a slightly more playful colour palette. We recommend checking out warmer or more colourful shades that will make you feel peaceful and content, like warm beiges and greiges, earth tones, pastels, taupe or sage green. In general, you’ll want to avoid highly saturated tones to keep the room feeling as soft and gentle as possible. 


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