Build a modern-inspired headboard made from repurposed pine.
Being eco-aware is always the best design choice.

Natural and textured wood adds a feeling of warmth and comfort to any space.

Sleep well (and in style).

A bedroom can look a little unbalanced with nothing above the bed. A headboard is a logical and functional project. It becomes the room’s new focal point.

As it happens, transforming our chevron wall covering into a headboard is an easy DIY with an incredible look. The finished product is rich in texture and adds visual appeal to the space. Unlike wall panelling, a headboard is a piece of furniture. It can easily be moved if necessary.

Several patterns can be used to make a headboard. The chevron is classic and timeless. The precut pieces of our chevron wall covering considerably reduce the puzzle of creating this pattern.

Find out how to make your own wood headboard in this simple tutorial!

N.B. The tutorial shows you how to create a headboard for a twin mattress.
To determine the final size of your headboard, add a few centimetres to the width of the mattress, and select a height that allows the pattern to be visible above the pillows.