It’s not news that false beams in real wood are a great way to make a room look nicer. They balance the charm of modern decor and the warmth of a rustic home, to bring a room’s look together and ground it with authenticity. Take a look at what they bring to two very different room designs, and pick up ideas for how to showcase your own style by adding false beams to your home.  

Wooden false beams perfectly mimic the authentic look of old beams, but they also have the advantage of being hollow. That means they can hide pipes, electrical wiring and support columns—plus they’re lighter and much cheaper than old beams made of solid wood. From a design standpoint, too, false beams have plenty to offer. They can be used to visually break up large open spaces. They add some oomph to all kinds of styles, from Scandinavian to contemporary and traditional to rustic. Such a small change, such a big difference! Take a look at the impact of false beams in the two design schemes below

Modern farmhouse  

In this light and airy room decorated in pale shades, false beams in naturalfinish wood help evoke an oldfashioned country charm. Shiplap and false beams are a perfect pair for playing with textural effects, and here the combo works like a dream.  

To reproduce this style in your home, use false beams in knotty pine and fingerjointed pine. We suggest models 8018, 8020 and 8023.   

For the shiplap, we recommend models 8021, 0771 and 2047. 


When you say false beams, some people immediately think of rustic design styles. But false beams are perfect for modern and contemporary decor too! Case in point: this incredibly elegant room. They’ve kept it contemporary by going for clean lines and flat, square beams in grey tones, for a simple, modern look. 

To reproduce this style in your home, we recommend false beam model 8024 (in white wash or bronze) from our Ôthentik collection. 

Photo: Valérie de l’étoile

Three great effects with false beams 

Here are three ways you can use false beams for a strong visual impact in your home: 

Light, airy and spacious 

Go for beams with a pale finish or paint them white, and you’ll create the illusion of a higher ceiling and make the room feel ten times as bright. False beams can work wonders in small spaces too. Often, all you need is a lighter colour and a smooth finish to make a room seem bigger and draw the eye up toward the ceiling.  

Trendy contrast 

If you’ve got a white ceiling, warm wood is a great way to create a welcoming atmosphere, while false beams painted pale grey (or with a greytoned patina) immediately give any room a contemporary feel. If you’re feeling bold, you can even go for dark colours, like charcoal grey, black or dark brown. The sharper contrast gives you plenty of room to play around with shape and size. 

Photo: LOCA Design

Fun with lines 

False beams can be used to play around with lines in ways that beautifully enhance a home’s architecture—from standard to cathedral ceilings and everything in between. For example, you could make a grid, or fill the spaces between false beams with wooden slats for breathtaking results! 

Want to give false beams a try? Check out the Interbois selection of false beam options and find the one that’s right for your style! Some models are reversible, so they have two completely different looks: squared-off or with a decorative recessed option. They’re easy to install, not to mention made in Canada from locally purchased lumber! 

We’ve got an installation video right here.