While they are mainly used to hide finishing joints at the bottom of walls and around doors and windows, mouldings have many advantages that make them the perfect materials to express your creativity in all kinds of projects. Tired of being confined in your four square walls? Discover these wood accent wall projects that will add a unique touch to your interior decor in addition to give you the satisfaction of making them yourself.

1. Welcoming applied moulding

Both classic and modern, this wall with geometric wooden boxes is perfect to decorate an entryway or a transitional area in the house. Subtle and elegant, it is perfect for refined and stylish decors.

Would you like to impress your guests as soon as they enter the house?
Find out more about this geometric boxes over here:


2. Cozy bedroom

Looking for an unusual idea to add personality to your bedroom? This diamond patterned accent wall placed above the bed will create a chic and warm atmosphere, making this room the perfect place for calm and relaxation.

Do you like this decor?
Find out how to easily reproduce this herringbone diamonds at home right here:


3.Geometric abstraction

No need for an imposing headboard to enhance your cozy cocoon! This modern geometric paneling frames the space perfectly, adding character and elegance to the room. The asymmetrical patterns transform the headboard into a unique work of art.

Would this project fit perfectly in your bedroom?
Get all the details to recreate this variable geometry at home right here:


4. Fancy built-in

Why settle for a regular bookcase when you can nicely cover an entire wall with wooden mouldings and shelves? Design a custom wall that is both decorative and functional to display decorations, plants and books by consulting the details of this creative project, which is very simple to adapt to your needs, whether it is for the living room, in the office or even in the bedroom.

Dying to recreate this built-in at home?
Over here for the details of this wall of arrows:


5. The perfect cocoon

If a black accent wall definitely catches the eye in a room, a wall lined with patterns of the same colour is also perfect to create a “wow” effect, especially in the bedroom. This project is easy to carry out and will only take you a few hours, leaving you plenty of time to admire your work huddled under the sheets!

Realizable in less than a day, this geometric wall will blend perfectly into your decor!
Over here to reproduce this cross wall:


6. Timeless comfort

Rather than opting for a colourful wall or vibrant colours, why not design an accent wall in your child’s bedroom? Painted in a neutral colour, like this olive green, it will last longer and can be adapted over the years.

Check out the details right here to finalize your nursery or your kid’s room with this herringbone wall:

6 projects – within less than 6 steps – 3 products

All geometric patterns were made from products available from Interbois, either the door stop # 1410, the square # 1565 or the rectangle # 1321.

Available online or with our distributors. For the complete list: interbois.ca/en/distributors