These months and months of lockdown have been great for home decoration projects. Got a bun in the oven? Here’s a great way to get hands on and brighten up the nursery with some great ideas for accent walls.


1. Vertical slats

Have you heard of Board and Batten? This decorating trend involves creating a design or pattern by placing vertical wood or MDF slats on a wall. It’s a simple and affordable way to add depth to your nursery’s decor. This kind of accent wall works great with lots of different styles, but we especially like the modern look and warm feel it creates when paired with wicker, black or white accents. Pro tip: to really make the nursery room pop, add some themed decorating accessories!

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It’s easy to create this trendy style using decorative moulding like our 1324.

2. A gallery wall

Gallery walls are instantly eye-catching and an amazing way to add some playfulness to your little one’s room. To really make it work, though, you need to make sure that the centre frame is at eye level. We also suggest picking pictures that have something in common (like an animal theme or colour pairing) to bring the arrangement together, and sticking to no more than three colours or materials.

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⇒ Want to make your own picture frames from mouldings? Here’s how:

3. Geometric shapes

Scandinavian-inspired minimalist decor is very in right now. One way to make understated decor more exciting is using narrow mouldings to create geometric shapes on your wall, then spicing it up with the colour of your choice. And you can easily change this decoration as your baby grows up. One quick stroke of your paintbrush is enough to give it a fresh look or help it match a new decor.

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⇒ For a wall with geometric patterns, we suggest using moulding 1321. Need a hand with installation?
Check out our guide on how to create a herringbone wall for an overview of the technique:

4. A shiplap wall

Shiplap works perfectly with modern farmhouse, but it is also extremely versatile. It works wonders at adding texture to any room with any decorating style, even a nursery! A light shade will give a room some softness, while darker tones will add character and a sensation of being cradled. You can also play with the direction of the boards: a vertical setup will make the ceiling seem higher, while laying them horizontally will create the illusion of a longer room.

⇒ Download our guide to learn how to install shiplap wainscotting panels 8021, 2047 or 0771:

5. Simple moulding

A nursery should be a relaxing environment. You can help achieve this effect by eliminating sources of distraction, cutting down on visual clutter and picking classic decor. Choose tone-on-tone symmetrical mouldings, for example, as a way to give a room some character while making sure it still looks great as it ages. You can play with this kind of decoration by adjusting how high up the wall the mouldings go (one third of the way, one half, three quarters, etc.) or creating gentle colour contrasts.

⇒ For this classic look, we suggest chair rail decorative mouldings like model 1688.


6. A rainbow mural

This nursery certainly isn’t lacking for creativity, as you can tell by the rainbow slats. And it’s so easy to do! Just add vertical slats with different shades to create a gradient of colour. For a splashier look, paint the boards before fastening them to the wall. Although you could do a decorative rainbow across the whole wall, keeping it within a limited area creates a focal point so you can draw the eye to a specific part of the room (here, the baby’s crib).

Source: @littlehouseonalittleland
⇒ Jazz up a room with a rainbow mural using model 1321.

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