Work occupies much of our time, which is why at INTERBOIS we find it important to hear the voices of those who are part of our talented team!

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Training and work-family balance

“At Interbois, I gained autonomy in my work by taking a formation in industrial mechanics offered by the company. Interbois helped me to balance family life, work and achievement of my goal; obtaining my diploma!

I love my job and I have fun working with the Interbois team!” Stéphane


Stability and security

“What got me working at Interbois was stability and peace of mind. Compared to my previous jobs, I no longer have to worry about my schedule or the lack of work. At Interbois we work all year round!” Andrews



“When I started working at Interbois, it was to give a temporary help, only a few weeks! More than 20 years have passed, during which I held several positions. From daily worker to operator until today, I am responsible of customer service.

I love my job and I am proud to be a part of the company success!” Brigitte


Proximity and social activities

“I am proud to be part of this great dynamic team and to contribute to the growth of Interbois. I have the advantage of living near my job which gives me more free time. In addition to enjoying my work, I also have the privilege of participating in activities of all kinds, organized every month by the company!” Claude


Take advantage of the opportunities

“A chain of circumstances in my professional life has made me unemployed. I was then offered a job at Interbois, which was just in time! I am working at Interbois for almost 19 years and I am very pleased to have made this choice!

We’re a great team at Interbois and it’s nice to work together!” Marcel


Autonomy and development

“At Interbois, skills development and maintenance are part of the company’s culture. Thus, nothing stagnates, everything is in perpetual progress for a constant improvement.

Personally, my position allows me to give place to my autonomy and to show initiative.  It helps me to surpass myself and be proud to be part of this great team that is Interbois” Sandra


Alternation work-study

“I started working at Interbois during high school. My work schedule is adjusted to not interfere with my education.  Interbois has shown openness by trusting me with the tasks and responsibilities that make me today a versatile and responsible employee!

I am very proud to be part of the Interbois team and to contribute to the company’s success!” Louis


Organizational values

“I started working at Interbois at a time in my life when I needed change. Since I knew the founder of Interbois and his family, I was confident to start working for them, because their values join mine!

Still today, almost 20 years later, I am very happy to share my passion for wood with the Interbois team!” Mario


Monthly activities calendar

“At Interbois, employee’s well-being is at the heart of the company’s priorities. The employer listens to our needs and our work environment is enjoyable and stimulating.

I particularly appreciate the varied schedule of monthly activities. This solidifies the relationship between each member of the team. For me, the Interbois team is a second family!” Andrée


Socio professional integration

“At Interbois, employee’s well-being is important. I am very grateful to the team that facilitated my son’s integration into the workplace, suffering a slight intellectual disability and anxiety disorders.Thanks to everyone’s involvement, he feels accepted and is happy to be part of this great team.

We are a beautiful big family where it is good to work!” Pierre


Profesionnal growth

“I have been working at Interbois for nearly two years and I am now the Production Manager. My past experience has been recognized for this work, and working as a team is a significant benefit. Each and every one of us is valued and appreciated!

My passion for wood is leveraged every day and I still discover new applications that can be made with appearances and components.

Working at Interbois means innovating in your own way and getting the best out of yourself! Frédéric



“What I like about Interbois is flexibility in the managing of the working hours. I have the opportunity to adjust my work schedule to meet the company’s production needs.

At Interbois we can also enjoy long weekends as factory employees have Friday afternoon off! It allows me to do even more activities!” Maryse


Host and personal development

“From the beginning at Interbois, the staff is super friendly, like a small family! As soon as a problem arises, there is always someone you can count on. They gave me a chance to prove myself and continue to help me every day. Now I can be myself without being afraid to be judged! Thank you Interbois!” Pascal



“I joined the Interbois team in 2009. Passionate by my job, combined with 31 years of work in the field, I felt able to contribute my experience in the various projects and challenges proposed by my new employer!

Work is a pleasure for me and a good atmosphere at work contributes greatly to it. It is for these reasons that I like working at Interbois with passionate people.

The weekend is not over that I’m already looking forward to Monday to share my ideas!” André



“I started working at Interbois after graduating from high school, my employer recently marked my twenty years of work for the company. During all these years, Interbois has trusted me and allowed me to acquire new knowledge that has made me a versatile employee that we can count on. What I appreciate the most about my job is the flexibility of my schedule and the atmosphere. The gang is pleasant and it’s nice to come in to work!” Jean-François

Sisters, Andrée and Maryse


“Monday mornings always start with a smile since we like to go back to work. We like the work schedule and feel that our well-being is at the heart of the company’s priorities.

We particularly appreciate the monthly calendar of activities for its variety. This strengthens the relationship between each member of the team.

For us, the Interbois team is an extension of our family”