The Hygge 

You couldn’t have heard about this trendy current in 2018. This Danish art of living honours comfort, authenticity and sharing.

To combine all of our senses, we make a fire. What could be more comforting than the crackling of the flames?

Historically, the installation of a fireplace in a residence came to fill two needs: to cook, and especially to keep the house warm. With years, although utility, this source of heat became a comforting accessory, particularly during the weeks of darkness and cold of the winter.

Say yes to the fireplace to fight against winter blues. It is even better if you add a fire mantel! With this element, you will be able to create an inviting and warm atmosphere and then share it with others. This is the very spirit of Hygge!

You don’t have any fireplace? You can opt for an electric one or still, take advantage of the central space of the fire mantel to install many candles. Candles emit a soft light and immediately create an intimate, relaxing and warm atmosphere. They bring a lot in the atmosphere of a Hygge style house. Favor the white, simple and not perfumed ones.

The expensive objects are not Hygge… The handmade objects are!

The Hygge is also an escape to the consumer society and a return to simple, handmade things.

Although there are several pre-assembled fire mantel model on the market, we decided to create our own model, made of our products and to give you the instructions as a gift.

Easy to reproduce, i twill cost you a fraction of the price. Not to mention the satisfaction found in the experience as well as the pride in the final result. A project that can be done with your loved ones.


  1. To learn more about Hygge, read the article in Le Temps: « Hygge » the curious Danish happiness story.
  2. As well as any other wood or gas fireplace project, safety is required. Adapt your design along the manufacturer’s standards.