The DUTCH DOOR, an addition in both modern and rustic decors 

The Dutch doors are from the Netherlands.  From old design, they started to appear during the 1600s.  This ancient door that is cut in half, stand’s out by its upper and lower part that can move independently.


The Dutch had the brilliant idea of ​​incorporating a lock to secure the two parts together and allow the door to swing as a unit.

This type of door arrived in America when the Dutch population immigrated. They are used in homes and stables as exterior and interior doors.

Dutch doors bring an incomparable charm to any decor, by letting the air and light flow freely. Even though this kind of door may not be adapted for our Quebec winters, it can wonderfully be used indoors. With a touch of bright color, a classic design and a welcoming décor, it’s impossibly hard not to find the perfect place to integrate this kind of door in your decor.

This type of door can also be incredibly useful as a barrier for animals, as a children’s room door and as an entrance door separating the vestibule or even a playroom.

Interbois offers you the customized Dutch door, on special order.  It’s actually an adaptation of our REVŌDOOR product line from our exclusive REVŌ collection.

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