INSPIRATION | Explore the 10 new trends in interior finish

Showcase on the musts of the moment and decorative advices of our stylists.

A new year brings new trends in interior finish. We have developed a guide about these new trends, based on the most popular ones and several readings about them on our fetish blogs. This guide is therefore a reference, to ensure that your choice of materials and colors will be the right ones and that updating your interior will be an investment for the long term.


New industrial

Raw materials such as concrete, metals and wood are still present this year. In 2019, we add heat with forest green touches. This colour is, moreover, singularly adequate to enhance these materials.

  • Our star 2019 product harmonizing with the style “New industrial”:
    #8524 | Faux beam textured signed Ôthentik, color: bronze (or white wash)
    Dimension: 5-1/2” x 6-1/2” x 96”, in pack

Source: Burford Paintable



The curved lines straight out of the 70’s make a big comeback this year.  There is something really charming, cozy and comfortable in the rounded shapes of furniture, curved bedheads or any other woodworking.

  • Our star 2019 product harmonizing with the style “Curves”:
    #8550 | Arcō Door, smooth finish
    Dimensions: Customized


Graphic Blooms

Also curved, the floral patterns, especially those in XL format, are popular and bring a lot of richness to the pieces. Flowers are timeless. What we love is that floral patterns can be embed in very different universes.

  • Our star 2019 product harmonizing with the style “Graphic Blooms”:
    #8525 | Wall flower, white primed MDF
    Dimensions: 4 petals ¾’’ x 14-½’’ x 14-½’’, in boxes


Loft spaces

Not far from the “New Industrial”, the 2019 loft style offers clean kitchens with shelves as well as “glass roofs” to let the light pass and grow green plants. With the worldwide obsession of Crittall windows and doors, many frames are painted in black. Preferably a matte black one.

  • Our star 2019 product harmonizing with the style “Loft space”:
    #8553 | Shaker loft door, smooth finish, black painted
    Dimensions and windows:  Customized

    Source:  Espace-caséo


Joiner’s workshop

From colors and curves to textures and materials. The velvet is still here, but experts tell us that its ribbed version is coming in 2019. In clothes to begin, but interior decoration as well as joiner’s workshop will soon be installed. Lady’s fingers: beyond the pastry.

  • Our star 2019 product harmonizing with the style “joiner’s workshop”:
    #4616 | Edge and center beaded board (reversible), finger jointed pine
    Dimensions: ¾” x 5-¼” x 96’’ or 192’’

    Source:  House and Home


Terracotta and wood wainscot

Pale pink shades will warm up in warm desert tones. From peach to terracotta and redoubtable “Living Coral” by Pantone. In metals, it’s called rose gold. Warm, authentic and easy to associate with other hit colors of the season, the earthy shades help to face the lack of brightness of the short winter days!

The wood wainscoting has already infiltrated for several years.  In 2019, this general trend of textured walls is still present.

  • Our star 2019 product harmonizing with the style “Terracotta and wood wainscot”:
    #8518-cu | Tongue and groove 2D Ōthentik, color: Copper (other colors also available)



Decorating with an Amerindian influence will add authentic and artistic culture to create a relaxing atmosphere in the room. Sunset shades, bleached neutral, rustic and luxurious materials and rich patterns. Ethnic inspiration to create a Navajo style that let your imagination run wild. It is also a proposal of travel, of meeting various influences, under a background of spicy colors.

  • Our star 2019 product harmonizing with the style “Navajo”:
    #8520-Cu | Chevron wood Ōthentik, color: Copper (other colors also available)



Urban wall

In a creative spirit, we are looking for unique and different walls to create a surprising decor. The surfaces are no longer homogeneous, associable and continuous. With traditional mouldings, we have fun with decoration to create Mondrian looks… angular caissons, shapes, in brief a point of interest.

  • Our star 2019 product harmonizing with the style “Urban wall”:
    #1321 | Rectangle, White primed MDF
    Dimensions: ¾’’ x 1-½’’ x 96’’



Star ceiling

There are so many modern ways to make his ceiling a favourite element. One of them is the modern Mid-Century style, because with low lines and natural woods, the chic of the 50’s never goes out of fashion.

  • Our star 2019 product harmonizing with the style “Star ceiling”:
    #7707 | O’gee, White primed MDF
    Dimensions: 1-1/8’’ x 6-1/2’’ x 96’’ or 144’’

Source:  Orac Deco


Brackets wall

Very fashionable, the brackets wall (or square studs) do not have no parallel and give a good look to an accent wall. By composing them with spaced wand, let see the contrasting colour of the wall or ceiling on which they are placed. An elegant option in a sleeker decor, blended with natural shades.

  • Our star 2019 product harmonizing with the style “Brackets wall”:
    #1565 | Square, Select pine
    Dimensions: 1-1/16” x 1-1/16” x 96”

Source:  Marie Claire